Sightseeings Nantes

Castle of the dukes of Brittany

Totally restored, the castle encloses all that the Court of Brittany has to offer in the way of architecture. And rarely seen, the entire castle is accessible and free from the battlements to the moats. Its museum on the History of Nantes with contemporary scenography appeals to all.

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The Machines de l’île

Jules Verne himself would have imagined a 12m high elephant going for a stroll along his hometown’s quaysides! Board this strange beast and see all the machines in the hangars of the former shipyards. Discover the new Marine Worlds Carousel opened in summer 2012 and don’t miss the Machine Gallery.

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Memorial to the Abolition of Slavery

Nantes was the capital of the slave trade in France: it organised 43% of the French slave trade shipments and its ships deported around 450,000 black captives to the American colonies. During the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in 1998, Nantes City Council adopted the principle of building a monument on the Quai de la Fosse. The City wanted to assume its past and give shape to the memory via a powerful political gesture. Located on the Quai de la Fosse, a symbolic place in the city that has seen many slave ships to Africa, the Memorial commemorating the abolition of slavery is open to the public since March 25th 2012.Visit the website

Estuaire Nantes < > Saint Nazaire, An artistic overland trail

You can get to all of the places over land (foot, bike, nearby parking)
« Estuaire Nantes <> Saint-Nazaire » on in 2007-2009-2012 is a collection of installations in the open air. The internationally renowned artists create something to take you off the beaten track along the estuary. Since 2007, 16 installations are parts of a whole stretching over 60kms. A house suspended 15m up, a 7m pendulum swinging on the side of an old cement works, a star garden, a 40m snake, a water nymph camped out in the Saint-Félix canal, a garden on the roof of a submarine base, a boat that sulks, an observation tower in the middle of a marsh and the now famous ‘rings’ by Buren in the port of Nantes. All of these installations stand out on their own as well as taking you round a fascinating land, discovering local natural environment.Visit the website

More museums to see in Nantes

musée d'arts de Nantes

The first French provincial museum, the Nantes Musée des Arts fine arts museum is a top class cultural show-case. Major temporary exhibitions regularly liven the cultural life of Nantes.
Castle of the
Dukes of Brittany (new museum concept based on the history of Nantes, making use of the latest audiovisual and multimedia technologies), Fine arts museum, Natural History museum, Jules Verne museum, Museum of printing, Musee Compagnonnique (Exhibition of masterpieces crafted by the journeymen.), naval museum Maillé Brézé, Planetarium, FRAC (The Pays de la Loire regional contemporary art collection)…Visit the website

Parks and gardens

It’s our aim that nature has its place in Nantes, for the benefit and enjoyment of us all. The more we respect nature, the more it will find its own place in our town, as for example the wild plants popping up round and about town. In Nantes, no home is further than 500 metres from a park or a square and as a reward for this continuing project, we have been elected :

Nantes Green European Capital 2013

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Village of Trentemoult by Navibus

A short crossing on the Navibus and you are in Trentemoult. This riverside village presents a colourful collection of houses in sync with the rise and fall of the river… The friendly atmosphere, the maze of narrow streets, the exotic fragrances in the gardens and the untold cafés and restaurants on the riverside are yours for the taking.

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Cruises on Loire and Erdre rivers

You can be sure that François I was a man of taste, because it was he who called the Erdre “the most beautiful river in France”. Like a small Thames, it stays away from  the roads, preferring to open up to manors, parks and mansions.Visit the website for the Loire river and the Erdre river

Guided tours in the city of Nantes