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Summer event 2018 “Le Voyage à Nantes” June 30th to August 26th

Posted by Nantes Tourism Office

Every summer, Nantes gets a little more animated than usual. Le Voyage à Nantes does  not only encourage art and culture in the city, but invites artists from all over the world to use Nantes as a playground for their creativity. Follow the green line and enjoy a 10 km long itinerary with surprising installations from artists, great exhibitions and playgrounds. Surprising, visionary, vibrant, innovative, creative… In one of its summer editions, The Sunday Times chose ‘loopiest’, much to delight of most Nantais! Something is sure: Nantes has become a phenomenon among all French cities. The next summer edition of Le Voyage à Nantes will take place from June 30th  to August 26th 2018 – but the city can be visited any time during the year!


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