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Nantes, la Cantine du Voyage 2017

Posted by Nantes Tourism Office


From 26th  April to mid October, A warm and friendly gourmet setting originally concocted for the 2013 Voyage à Nantes festival, La Cantine is now firmly on the menu for every Voyage à Nantes. Housed in a temporary structure made from industrial greenhouses, it sets up from spring to early autumn on the banks of the Loire on the quays of the Isle of Nantes. It is a bar and a place to eat (seats 300) where you can come to enjoy local food: farm produced chicken potatoes. It’s a temporary set up covering 2,000 m2 with plenty to keep you amused including French boules and table football. Since 2016, La Cantine has also housed a Skate ô Drome and a vegetable garden! (Yes, Nantes really is the cradle of Surrealism!). The graphics and colorful stage setting was entrusted to the Nantes arts collective ‘Appelle-moi papa’.

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