Fly to Nantes Atlantique

NANTES, a city turned upside down by art, 28 June to 1 September 2013

Posted by Nantes Tourism Office

Can you name another deMise en page 1stination where, within a one-kilometre radius,you can ride a 40-foot tall elephant along the banks of the Loire, visit a 15th-century castle where the Museum of History conjures up past, present, and future in a contemporary setting, and walk along an artistic itinerary with works by today’s most important artists?

Le Voyage à Nantes invites you to discover the poetic and sensitive side of the city through its 15-kilometre (10-mile) circuit and nearly thirty stops, from le lieu unique to the western tip of the Île de Nantes. Along the way, let yourself drift from a public work of art in a side street to a remarkable element of our architectural heritage, from classic sites to little-known treasures, from an historical back alley to contemporary architecture, and from a surprising view of the city to an incredible sunset on the Loire estuary.