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In 2013, Nantes goes green

Posted by Nantes Atlantique Airport

After Stockholm, Hamburg, Vitoria-Gasteiz and before Copenhagen in 2014, the Nantes Metropolitan area is the European Union’s green capital for 2013. This distinction rewards more than 20 years of work in favour of the environment.

This prize launched by the European Commission is therefore an opportunity for the major city in Western France to share its experiences and successes concerning its public transport network, its air quality, as well as the management of waste and its recovery, its city planning policy preventing urban sprawl, its climate plan, and the defence and support for biodiversity and all of the environmental aspects linked to the future move to the new airport..

This year, Nantes will be hosting major events like ECOCITY 2013 and the 5th World Forum on Human Rights, which are major gatherings bringing together ideas and initiatives to help develop policies and encourage practical ways to look after the global environment.

This European honour comes in addition to the ambitious programme to develop city-breaks and short stays for people flying to Nantes Atlantique. Particularly as the airport itself has been committed since 2009 to a policy of sustainable development (waste, travel, noise pollution, purchases…) and the future major airport for Western France (Aéroport du Grand Ouest), which is currently being developed, will be one of the first in the world to benefit from an official high quality environmental certification scheme (the French HQE standard).

Finally, in 2012, it should be added that Loire-Atlantique (of which Nantes is the capital) was the first European local authority to sign up to the Green Passport scheme put in place by the United Nations to make tourists aware of their own ability to contribute to the sustainable development of the country by choosing their holiday destination in a responsible way.