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Europe taking off in the winter

Posted by Nantes Atlantique Airport

It was a warm winter for Nantes Atlantique. Overall passenger numbers increased by 13.33 % … led first of all by destinations within the European Union.

1 million extra passengers in 3 years. With 11.87% recorded in 2012, the winter of 2012-2013 saw no change in this growth trend, quite the reverse in fact …Just taking into account scheduled flights to major European capitals and cities (including Switzerland) there was a spectacular growth rate of 41.5 %, thanks to the strength of the existing network and the additional offers now available from Western France.

Among the existing destinations recording the highest rates of growth, the hubs did particularly well: Amsterdam with Hop! ( 20 %), Barcelona with Vueling ( 20 %), Casablanca with RAM ( 22 %), Madrid with Iberia ( 16 %). In the domestic market, 2 extra operators have arrived to strengthen the AF Group schedule (Lille, Strasbourg and Montpellier with Volotea and Nice with Easyjet).

As for the successful new destinations: Berlin with Transavia (route opened in late 2012 already with a load factor above 85%) Lisbon, Porto and Funchal with Transavia (a seat occupancy rate above 95 % in the final month of the winter) and Tenerife with Volotea close to a 90% load factor. Overall, grouping together all the scheduled flights, a growth of 18.79 % was recorded with 14.46 % for domestic flights and 1.01 % for international flights (outside of the European Union and Switzerland). As for charter traffic, there was a logical fall of 24.32 % due to the continuing move by holiday traffic to scheduled routes and with traffic to Egypt still suffering.