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New panoramic view on Nantes from the « Tour Bretagne »

Posted by Nantes Tourism Office

New panoramic view on Nantes from the "Tour Bretagne"In the city center of Nantes, the “Tour Bretagne” (Bretagne tower) was inaugurated in 1976. In 2012, Jean Jullien, an artist in the international world of graphic design, has been entrusted to organize a new space during the summer event « Le Voyage à Nantes 2012″ on the last  floor, the 32nd.The artist was born in Nantes and he now works and lives in London. His work in this  Bretagne tower  is called « Le Nid = The Nest », it is home of an enormous white bird, half stork, half heron, who sleepily watches over the city. Have a drink or just have a look at the top of the tower for free, it is open to the public from Thursday till Sunday. Please go and enjoy it in the company of this fantastic bird.

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